Civil War in Garrard County Kentucky

Battle of Lancaster Kentucky

We want to tell the true story of the Civil War in Lancaster.
Our Mission

to show the public what our ancestors went through on both sides for what they believed to be right.  To let the public learn through example of how the Union and Confederate armies lived in camp and fought on the battle field.
Our History

On 14 October John Hunt Morgans army on full retreat form Perryville Ky came to rest in a farm in the middle of Lancsater, upon request from the owner his men did not take the best feed for the animals just what was left in the fields.  As morning came cannons rang out over the town the from the 1st Union Reg. Calv. with inf. and two batteries attatched.  Morgan engaged his Calv. and inf.  After hours of battle in sun both sides pulld out of town.  The Confederats to the Richmond area the Union back to Camp Dick Robinson area.  In 1862 however Lancaster was in REBEL control, the American Flag took form the court house and the First National Confederat Flag went up.  In early 1863 the tide had changed and the Federal Army had taken Lancaster back.

All information taken form the Calico book and the Sandifer Book