Garrard Mills

Hidden treasure venue in Garrard County!


The Garrard Mill is a historic landmark in Garrard County.  Its three-and-a-half-storied main building sits at on the corner of Ball Alley and East Buford Street. The land was originally part of C.C. Stormes homestead.1 Harriet E. Stone and her husband R.A. sold the land to J.S. Minor and Son and they built the mill in 1901.1  In 1909, W. F. Champ bought the mill from Minor.2  Champ owned and ran the mill until November of 1944 when L. H. Moore purchased the mill and the business.3 L.H. Moore died while in office as Lancaster’s mayor in 19584 and left the mill to his wife, Anita. Mrs. Moore owned the mill until 1989 when a civil action resulted in the Special Commissioner auctioning the the mill property.5  William Kirby Teater bought the property for the low price of $52,500, and the Teaters operated the…

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Author: Jennifer Cooper Bradford

Faith, Family, Friends... living life in the beautiful Kentucky!

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