Garrard Distilleries

Lancaster distillery info… thank you for your research!


Garrard County was the home to several distilleries in its history.  At least eight can be found in the old, dusty tax records books on the third floor of the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives from the 1880s and later.  Unfortunately, these records were poorly organized until 1890, so finding any information is mostly by chance.  Of the eight previously mentioned, one in Buckeye was owned by Harrison Ray and produced 8 barrels of whiskey in 1882.  William Berkele and/or EH Chase and Co. owned a whiskey distillery in Bryantsville which produced hundreds of barrels a year from 1880 through 1886.  A small distillery called King and King operated from 1880 to 1883 but was bought by William Berkele.  James Herring operated a distillery in Lancaster from 1880 to 1886.  House and Co distilled in Lancaster 21 barrels of whiskey in 1882 and then began making brandy by 1884…

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