The Denny House

Love this beautiful home in Paint Lick!


IMG_2467The beautiful brick mansion that sits on the hill overlooking the main street of Paint Lick dates back to about 1827. The land was transferred to George Denny Sr. by his second wife’s father William Miller who first came to Kentucky with Daniel Boone.1 George Denny and wife Margaret Miller Denny built the home on this land to raise their family. George Denny was the uncle to George Denny Jr. the subject of two earlier posts on this blog. George Denny Sr. served as state senator in 1859 and was a prominent Republican in Garrard County. Denny was also one of the most active supporters for the Union during the Civil War.2 The land on which the Denny House sits is said to be the location of the first Fort Paint Lick according to the book Patches of Garrard County.3
Currently the home is owned by…

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Author: Jennifer Cooper Bradford

Faith, Family, Friends... living life in the beautiful Kentucky!

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